Rising Star Stables is an owner-occupied facility – enjoy the peace of mind of 24/7 on-site
management for you and your horse’s safety
129 Plymouth Street, Carver, MA 02330        
Stella O’Donnell 508-733-0072        
Laura Moore 617-653-2274
Rising Star Stables
A Full Service Boarding Facility, Offering Training And Riding Lessons  
Boarders Services
 10’ x 12’ airy stall cleaned a minimum of twice each day

 Stable Comfort bedding system www.stablecomfort.com

 Premium hay fed 5 – 6 times daily

 Grain fed 2 – 4 times daily as required for your particular horse’s nutritional needs

 Special diet and other needs accommodated

 Supplements and medications administered* as required for your horse

 Weekly bran mashes

 Constant access to clean, fresh water

 Water buckets scrubbed daily

 Feed tub scrubbed weekly

 Blankets, fly masks, protective boots, etc. placed on and taken off as needed

 Daily turn-out, weather permitting, in individual 50’ x 50’ paddocks

 Light lunging provided at owner’s request on non-turn-out days

 Hose-down on hot days

 Will hold for farrier and vet

 Night check performed every night

    * Supplements and medications to be provided by owner.
Included in the monthly board fee:
Nick Denson, our farrier, www.equinehoofcare.com makes bi-weekly visits to our barn for your
convenience. If you have your own farrier, s/he is welcome.
Full Service Boarding - All-Inclusive - $650 per month